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Telcel is a Mexican wireless telecommunications company, owned by América Móvil. Founded in 1989 and based in Mexico City, Telcel is the leading provider of wireless communications services in Mexico. As of December 31, 2006, Telcel's cellular network covered more than 63% of the geographical area of Mexico, including all major cities, and 90% of Mexico's population. Telcel holds concessions to operate a wireless network in all nine geographic regions in Mexico using both the 850 megahertz and 1900 megahertz radio spectrum. According to Cofetel (Comision Federal de Telecomunicaciones—Mexico's Federal Telecommunications Commission), as of July 2008, Telcel's subscribers represented an estimated 77.2% share of the Mexican wireless market. In August 2011, Telcel reported it has 66.9 million cellular subscribers.

Thomas mentioned, "I always buy a local Telcel SIM card to have internet access regardless of a wifi. In PDC it costs 400 pesos 1GB from Telcel. But be warned! That internet almost does not work. I used the same one in Guatemala and Costa Rica, everywhere they have high quality mobile internet. Not sure why in Mexico it is literally such a crap. Just be warned before you do that."


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auxiliar de piso de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Muy malo el ambiente de trabajo, te sobreexplotan, te prometen comisiones que nunca te dan, es muy difícil que te suban el sueldo y es muy poco lo que pagan para mas de 60 horas de trabajo a la semana Cons: El descanso es muy corto apenas y dan tiempo para comer, te sobreexplotan"

Almacenista, me desempeñe en el manejo de montacarguista y logística (Former Employee) says

"Como prte de telcel es bueno pero como outsorsing es malo"

Ejecutivo Call Center (Former Employee) says

"Roban las ventas y hacen fraudes a lis clientes ! Con la mayor inpunidad Cons: Roban, hacen fraudes, personal incapaz etc lo peor que vivido"


"Horarios no se ajustan a las solicitudes de trabajadores"

Desarrollador (Former Employee) says

"El horario es extremadamente exigente estando en una zona conflictiva para llegar!!. Si eres externo (consultora) tienes que hacer fila para registrar que solo eres externo aún no checas la hora en ese proceso, las filas son lentas y puedes durar hasta 15 min dependiendo de la fila y la lentitud en que te registran, ya después si lograste registrar a buena hora y a tiempo tienes que checar después tu hora de entrada, no hay minutos de tolerancia en los horarios. Si te toca en plaza carso es peor porque aparte tienes que hacer otra fila más para los elevadores."

Ninguno (Former Employee) says

"Son bien tacaños no te pagan adecuadamente lo que es me bajaban mi sueldo son unos malitos perros infelices"

call center (Former Employee) says

"Para mi fue interesante entrar hasta ver realmente la realidad mucho trabajo para tan poco la paga Cons: Pagos"

asesor telefonico (Former Employee) says

"Te presionan demasiado y el ambiente laboral es tóxico"

asesor telefonico (Former Employee) says

"El trabajo es un call center de nombre "Call Center de México" y no tiene nada que ver lo que ofrecen en las páginas de indeed ya que cuando te presentas a entrevista te dan las campañas que ellos quieren con sueldos muy muy bajos y con mucho horarios bastante amplios de trabajo, en pocas palabras te hacen perder el tiempo, no vale la pena ni presentarse a entrevista."


"desagradable para laborar y mal pagada y no hay apoyo por parte de la empresa Cons: malo"

vendedor de cambaceo (Former Employee) says

"Es un empleo de mucho trabajo y poca ganancia no hay oportunidades de crecer con in salario tan bajo Cons: no hay buenos ingresesos"

Experiencia basta como Barista año (Former Employee) says

"mala atención por parte de los supervisores, la peor empresa."

asesor telefonico (Former Employee) says

"No se le daba el trato correcto a los asesores de la empresa Cons: era un mal trabajo"

Asesor de teléfonos (Former Employee) says

"Trabaje medio año para Telcel como agente en el área de cobranza Cons: Poco sueldo"

Volantero (Former Employee) says

"Te desgastas mucho por muy poco, en general intenta lo menos posible trabajar de volanteo"

Asesor telefonico (Former Employee) says

"Mal compañerismo y falta de asesoramiento. Cons: No lo hay"

Analista PM (Former Employee) says

"No pagan horas extras, contrato por outsourcing, dificil tener una plaza Cons: outsourcing"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Manejo de personal y mercancía, objetivos nuevos constantemente."

atencion a clientes (Former Employee) says

"No es buen lugar de trabajo muy despotas los encargados Cons: Nada"

promotor (Former Employee) says

"No tengo nada que opinar pesimos tanto en pago como en compañerismo"

Current Employee - Client says

"I have been working at Telcel part-time Cons: We will steal your pesos if you don't speak spanish. We steal pesos from tourists"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Telcel full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Very bad place to work, absolutely absurd employee policies, no growth, salary is fixed by the union worst bos and frequently sexual harassment specially by the human resources taking employees."


"I worked at Telcel Cons: telcel is a huge company, unfortunately being so big makes it really slow at innovation, escalation process and decision taking ... if you are quite new on´ll learn a lot (mostly because you´ll not have many tools so you´ll need to solve every problem by yourself).. many kinds of people work there... the ones that want to make a change ... and the ones that are tired of trying and only go for the paycheck... ov"

Business Analyst says

"I worked at Telcel for more than a year Cons: Employees are treated like workmen, not professionals, bosses have always the last decision over your life, it always gets crowded at 9am and you have to wait like 15 mins to enter into an elevator, low salaries and very little time to eat, you end up eating like in 15 minutes. There's common knowledge (and it happened to me too) that bosses force you to to go into parties or similar events."


"I have been working at Telcel Cons: Archaic corporate culture, don't expect promotion or growing. Minimum effort law apply. Traditional structure, reactive action unless proactive. Home office are forbidden such as any benefit to the employee. Take it as a temporary place."

Former Employee - Technical Analyst says

"I worked at Telcel full-time for more than a year Cons: People get fired when they turn 10 years working for the company. Office culture is full of gossip about monetary compensation. It seems that somehow all employees are able to find out other people's salary. Work-life balance is no topic of discussion or improvement. There are no relevant social initiatives for the employee."

Supervisor Tecnico says

"I have been working at Telcel Cons: Bad installations, low salary, and is very difficult to get a promotion"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Telcel full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Family own business with a vertical structure and high power distance ."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Telcel full-time Cons: Not a lo t of promotions available"

Current Employee - Systems Administrator says

"I have been working at Telcel full-time for more than 8 years Cons: THere are a lot of burocrasy inside A lot of people lack of a real compromise with the company goals. In some areas is very dificult to grown your career"

Cesar Paz says

"This company will take your money and not give you the service you payed for. I switched to ATT as it is a more reputable company with better service. I live in Mexico and know service can be bad, however this company is huge and will still take your money and wait for the next sucker."

David Rowe says

"Imposible disputar una transacción y, a menudo, aceptan el pago y no brindan el servicio pagado. Se recomienda encarecidamente cambiar a ATT.

Impossible to dispute a transaction and they often take payment and do not provide the service paid for. Switching to ATT is highly recommended."

Kanre says

"English will follow. Este Es La presidenta De monex Financiero en Polanco. This is the president of monex financial in the financial district in Mexico City. Tel cel son horrible. Querais evitar muchos problemas? Do u want to avoid problems? Mabye it's better to use another providor not Tel cel. Si si evita Tel cel"

Consumer says

"This company has near zero customer services. They don’t need to because no one expects or demands customer services.

As a company they are a disaster. They are very expensive and as seen in other reviews, have real NO customer services..... I just logged on to their webpage and the filters don’t even work.

TelMex is just as bad! FYI it should be an embarrassment but they literally do nothing about it because they don’t have to! No one complains.

I strongly recommend everyone keeps clear of TelCel and try their luck with any other company."

Adrian says

"Trying to speak with a customer service representative in Mexico is nearly impossible. I called them three times, twice they hung up and the third time they asked me to leave a message with my name and phone number so they could call me back. Needless to say the never called me back."

H.M. says

"Dishonest company! I had a pay-go plan (amigo sin limite) in Mexico. My last payment confirmation literally says I have "SMS ilimitados + 2 GB MX/EUA/CAN". I cross the border and get a message that data now costs extra!! Apparently they do this to customers all the time. Total b.s."

Peter says

"Scammers. Just recharged my balance with 5 gigs of data a week ago. And my phone has basically been off during most of the week with spotty reception. It reflects in the data usage as well as not having gone over 500 megs. They cut off my service today saying my balance has been depleted. I sincerely hope it is an error on their part, but then it is still a bad service as there's no way to rectify this, without forking over another 500 pesos."

Justin A says

"Telcel are conmen! Scam artists! Frauds! I urge any English speaker visiting Mexico do not sign up for telcel they will not credit your account with topups as happened to me! 300 pesos stolen! #fraud #scam #telcel #Mexico #tourist #cheats"

Cecy says

"I need to to what's error 34"

xx says

"Really bad service, long waiting lines, no transparency in your phone bills."

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